µC/FS User Manual

Version 4.07.00


µC/FS can access multiple storage media through a clean, simple API. It supports the FAT file system for interoperability with all major operating systems. An optional journaling component provides fail-safe operation, while maintaining FAT compatibility.

μC/FS is based on clean, consistent ANSI C source code, with extensive comments describing most global variables and all functions.

The memory footprint of μC/FS can be adjusted at compile time based on required features and the desired level of run-time argument checking. For applications with limited RAM, features such as cache and read/write buffering can be disabled; for applications with sufficient RAM, enabling these features improves performance.

Device drivers are available for all common media types. Each of these is written with a layered structure so that it can easily be ported to your hardware. The device driver structure is simple, so that a new driver can be developed easily for a new medium.